Landscape vs Portrait : Which is the Best Way to Capture Your Desired Shots?

Since the evolution of photography, the terms portrait and landscape have been used by random photographers around. Furthermore, they're used while printing images or even just publishing a document on your home printer. Yet, not many people are aware of the true meaning of both these terms. In this blog, we will take you through the detailed overview of both landscape and portrait photography. As we do that, we will take into account various recommendations and suggestions put forward by renowned photographer Mohsen Motamedian . Understanding the concept Mohsen Motamedian says that you almost certainly have a television plus a computer monitor or laptop screen in your home. Each of these gadgets is designed to be used in landscape mode. Regardless of whether your tv is ultra-widescreen or not, it has a rectangular shape with longer top and bottom borders than sides. It also sits horizontally rather than vertically, with the sides being longer than the top and bottom. The concept o

4 ways to bring the best out of your photography aspirations

Photography is one of those fields that have progressed significantly due to the recent technological growth. While digital cameras were the rage a few years ago, new-generation DSLRs have taken their place. Furthermore, even Mohsen motamedian, one of the most talked about photographers of the modern era acknowledges that photography involves more than merely snapping images using your phone camera. He goes on to say that if someone wants to make it big in the photography field, they should pay attention to the following factors. Now, if you want to be a photographer like Mohsen Motamedian , you'll have to put in a lot of effort to improve your talents and technique. Here, he list down some of the key elements that makes a person a successful photographer. 1. Make the most of the lighting situation. When the light is good, any photographer can snap some great photos. Now, when the same light turns low, it takes a pro to get the shot just right. According to Max motamedian